Here are questions we’ve answered from practitioners considering DentalPort.

What is DentalPort?

DentalPort provides turnkey, professionally decorated and fully equipped offices at a fraction of the cost to open and operate a solo practice. In DentalPort offices, multiple doctors share common space while maintaining control over individual offices and patient care areas. Four professionals practice in a single, premium setting, each caring for his or her patients without the headaches and costs typically associated with high-value offices. A nominal commitment fee secures a share position in a DentalPort office of your choice. Affordable monthly payments cover rent, equipment, operational amenities and space management, allowing practitioners to focus on their practice.

Is my current location ideal?

As the saying goes, in real estate, success boils down to “location, location, location.” Visibility and accessibility directly impacts the success of most dental practices. DentalPort offices feature premium locations with high visibility and easy patient access appealing to existing and prospective patients alike. Each DentalPort location has been selected based on strict demographic and geographic criteria.

Should I consider a satellite office? Is it affordable?

Practitioners with a consistent, loyal patient base may consider opening a satellite office. Such arrangements can be profitable, yet they often come with considerable upfront investment. With DentalPort, typical costs associated with opening a satellite location can be reduced substantially as office and space management expenses get spread among multiple practitioners. This shared-space arrangement results in premium location, state-of-the-art equipment and first-tier amenities, all at a fraction of the costs incurred in single-doctor build-outs.

It’s time to update my office and buy new equipment. How can I afford custom design and state-of-the-art equipment?

In time, every office needs a facelift and every practice deserves technology upgrades. Yet the cost of new furnishings and keeping up with innovation can be daunting. DentalPort offices provide all that and more, at a fraction of typical costs. Practitioners can focus on patients, growing their practice while building their business’s value. DentalPort can be a sound investment when it comes time to slow down or sell to the next generation of dentists.

I thought I would be retiring by now. Can I afford to slow down during this unpredictable economy?

DentalPort was designed to offer practitioners a state-of-the-art office at an affordable price. Dentists remain independent, increasing productivity while reducing investment of time and management resources. This program has become attractive to practitioners looking to slow down or who are eyeing retirement. DentalPort’s turnkey offices are professionally decorated, fully furnished and equipped, with low monthly fees covering operational amenities and space management. During the DentalPort lease term, practitioners may sell their time-share (with all equipment and amenities) at a much greater value than an office with outdated furnishings and equipment.

How can I save on overhead with ever-increasing costs?

A solo practice is impressive, but operational costs, equipment and supplies can become a challenge to even the most successful doctors. DentalPort has found a way to offer beautifully furnished offices, the latest technology, operational amenities and space management at an affordable price. Practitioners work independently, each responsible for a quarter of overhead costs. DentalPort may also provide substantial tax incentives by remaining the master leasee, owning 100% of the equipment you lease.

How can I reduce my practice time and still afford my expenses?

We all want more time to spend with family, pursue a hobby or travel more. Yet it can be difficult to cut back hours at a solo practice office – you may have to hire an associate to cover your absence, or add employees while still covering your monthly rent and equipment lease payments. With DentalPort, you pay a nominal, onetime commitment fee, walk into your new office, practice without stress, then call it a day! One monthly payment covers rent, equipment, operational amenities and space management. Your responsibility is limited to your staff, supplies and handpieces only.

Can I time-share without a space manager, experience in multi-scheduling, or dividing expenses?

If you’re considering cutting back hours at the office, adding another location or simply want to reduce time and stress of managing an office, DentalPort may be the ideal solution for you. DentalPort provides and manages space, technology and equipment, allowing you to focus on practicing dentistry. Each DentalPort location serves multiple doctors practicing independently. Offices are designed with efficient common areas and individual workspace; schedules are arranged so practitioners needn’t worry about overlap with other doctors.

I have a few years of experience now, yet how can I afford my own solo practice and new equipment?

For practitioners without an established client base, setting up and venturing out can present stressful challenges. DentalPort was designed to reduce start-up debt while enabling the new or fairly new dentist or specialist to practice independently. Each doctor remains autonomous, increasing productivity without sacrificing quality of care or service, while reducing investment of capital, time and management. As your practice grows, you may discover you can afford adding a satellite office.

I’m a dental school graduate with student loan debt. How can I open a solo practice and start building my client base now?

DentalPort was designed to reduce start-up debt while providing dentists or specialists the ability to practice independently and economically. With nominal up-front investment and low monthly lease payments, DentalPort facilities can help you grow your practice economically and efficiently.

Can other associates from my practice work at my DentalPort location?

Yes. With four doctors sharing a DP office, any associates can practice from the location during their allotted time, according to their pre-determined schedule. Schedules are discussed and agreed upon by participating practices during lease signing and may be changed and/or updated on agreement by participating practitioners and DentalPort.

Can I sell my practice during my DentalPort lease?

Yes. Whether you are retiring or moving to a new location, you can sell your position in a DentalPort office at any time. Of course, looking out for the best interests of the time-sharing practices is of paramount importance, so DentalPort will play a role in the lease transition process to ensure that doctors meet the same financial criteria and provide a personal guarantee along with their signed lease agreement.

What happens when equipment breaks down?

Equipment service and repairs are just a phone call away when you practice in a DentalPort office. Through strategic partnerships with Henry Schein, service programs ensure your practice runs efficiently without interruption. DentalPort facilities are designed and equipped with backup vacuum and air compressor systems to virtually eliminate downtime. During those rare occasions when unwarranted items need service, repair or replacement, costs will be divided among the four practices, reducing what could ordinarily be substantial costs. DentalPort agreements recognize ever-changing technology advancements, so computer replacements are scheduled during the fifth year of a ten-year lease.

Are there tax incentives from participating in a DentalPort program?

Yes. We recommend seeking the advise of your accounting professional, but since DentalPort is the master lessee and owns the equipment, your office expenses may be tax deductible. Percentages and incentives will vary on an individual basis.

Are DentalPort offices and schedules customizable?

Yes. Standard plans call for 9 chairs/operatories (4 operatories per side plus 1 emergency chair), however, custom plans of 11 to 13 chairs are also available. DentalPort works with participating practitioners to design and create the ideal practice space based on each location’s needs.

We hope we’ve answered your questions. If you have other thoughts or questions we’ve not addressed, please click here to ask a question of one of our DentalPort professionals and we’ll forward an answer soon.